Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Coffee and The Book

By this time, I had done my final examination for this short semester of 2012/2013 session.

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah.

One step closer to my graduation for my study in Center for Foundation Studies in IIUM. One and a half year, seems going so fast.

Flashing back to my memories, for the first time I entered my first after-school study, I was so excited. So excited that I had never be prepared for what will be upcoming in my life in this institution.

Mistakes, Sins, and then Failures. Alhamdulillah, He doesn't failed me in any of my subjects until this time, but for me, what had happened in my first semester is a big regret in my life.

Anyway, I'm still grateful to have my parents, siblings and lovely teachers, family & friends who always be there to guide & realize my true mission of life. :)

OK, that's enough for introduction. So, 2012 past and I still never changed my habit of last-minute study & staying up late at night (powered up with the will of Allah SWT with coffee). One cup of coffee after 3 hours of internet surfing (see! Wasted your time like you have a whole of my life to study! *my heart says*), feels like a chipmunks being hyperactive after having a tall cup of coffee.
I need to revise a total of 56 pages from Understanding Islam text at that time, and I feel like reading a 10 pages of kid's colouring book. (reading a colouring book? Like serious??)


May Allah SWT give me strength to change this bad habit, Allah, forgive me. May Allah SWT ease us in our jihad as a student & at the same time, lets pray that He will always keep us in the rightful path. Inshaallah, Amin.


  1. sahabat seperjuanganJanuary 2, 2013 at 1:51 PM

    Please do a lot of sketches in this blog. A talented hand should never be wasted. Aspire to become like rusydee artz, spreading dakwah creatively. :)

    1. Thanks for the visit! ^^" haha.. my blog just goin' through modification, for now I prefer simple style like Mat Luthfi's website. :) Inshaallah, your suggestion is great, will try to make it better. Thanks again! :D

  2. salam azril.

    Blog bagus, tapi mungkin boleh terangkan sikit tulisan ni, i mean bold kan. Aku ada silau byk, tulisan mcm tak terang background pulak putih, hehe sorry tegur mcm ni, you know what, selama aku berblog, faktor kejelasan tulisan dgn background main peranan penting utk org lain baca tau ^_^

    Just sharing. Nice sketches you have btw. Goodluck bro. Aku nak tunggu vlog kau yg seterusnya :)

    1. terimas Muna atas cadangan! ^^ telah diperbaiki serba sedikit. Inshaallah tengah cari material lain utk tocuh-up lagi blog ni.