Tuesday, June 6, 2017

SGshop "Jom Shopping!" Contest

Salam, and peace to all,

Recently, my Facebook timeline has been buzzing about this one online shopping website named as SGshop.

From my research and personal shopping experience with SGshop, I must say, this Singapore's Leading Parcel Forwarder and Malaysia's Most Reliable and Cost Effective Taobao Agent are UNIQUE unlike any other online shopping websites. Prepare yourself to be excited about them!

Their Services
SGshop provide world's largest online marketplaces for customers to purchase from Chinese e-commerce websites. They deliver a streamlined and cost-effective shipping process so you can shop without shipping barriers at the lowest international shipping rates. Many other services and benefits provided by SGshop are:

  • You can earn FREE SGshop points by signing in daily (as easy as that!).
  • Their Frequently-Asked-Questions and live chat feature fasten the feedback from their extended customer care.
  • Establishment of new and improved feature of SmartShop to provide simpler buying steps and faster delivery for customers.
  • They partnered with the best logistics and express companies.
  • They offer security and promptness of orders.
  • They also cooperate with many banks to ensure that payment processes are as secure and efficient as possible.
  • Highly recommended by users.
  • Easy-to-use website, quick, reliable, provision of effective customer service with some very personalized service, and MANY MORE THAT DESERVED ALL THE YES VISIT THEIR WEBSITE HERE → TO KNOW MORE!

So, I got my smartphone to browse SGshop website, among thousands products offered, my 💗 really got attached to this wish list of items I made!


Snorlax is the one and only Pokemon that I considered as my spirit animal! 😂

His relaxed and peaceful nature is what I want to strive for in my life in this hectic world we live in. His giant body might required some spaces but, hey, it's worth it! He's so kawaiii, cute, and chubby that I think I'll be at peace all day sleeping on top of Snorlax pillow bed!

With the efficient search filter feature provided by SGshop, I search for the best value for Snorlax bed pillow and... I found one here! → And it's priced at only RM187.50 for 150 centimeters sized one.. Value for money! I gotta put it in my shopping wish list.


I LOVE HOODIE and I have previously stumbled upon this COOL-LOOKING long cardigan with hoodie on my Twitter feed BUT I am disinterested by the price the online seller set for it.

THANKFULLY! I met SGshop and I found another seller offering the best value at only RM20.00 for this particular attire HERE AT THIS LINK!

I am kinda emotional kind of person and love to wander in my own thoughts alone. To have a hoodie and long cardigan covering me from this demanding life sort of make me feel protected (and COOL  (。•̀ᴗ-)✧)


Last but not least, since I am nearing my graduation of my 4 years Bachelor's Degree study, I am thinking of preparing the best attire for the incoming big day.

I seldom purchase shoes especially leather shoes and I am quite laid back in my preferred casual outfit. Though, I do have a hopeful wish to look as smart as possible for my once in a lifetime convocation day and to look good in front of my family who put big hope on me to see me graduating.

ANDDDD... with the price of RM179.86, I will get both the best quality, durability, and look from this item so I can wear it later during my working life. Here's the link if you are interested to look into it too →

Final thoughts...
So, you've read about it - Snorlax for my leisure time, long cardigan with hoodie for casual outing, and durable and looking-good leather shoes for formal occassions and working life; all in my shopping list.

SGshop isn't new in the online shopping market. With the experience and services they provide, I am excited to make meaningful and value-for-money purchases from them!


Well, you may wonder why I made this blogpost here.. LOL! 😂 I'm GENUINELY EXCITED about SGshop and figured I might as well promote it to you guys.

Aside from that, ((ꈍ .̮ ꈍ))  I really wanted to join this CONTEST! 

SGshop & Sis Ayue Idris, Malaysian blogger and Youtuber being so cool here by organizing this contest, go check her website, guys!

Remember when I said my Facebook timeline being flooded with SGshop hype from my Facebook friends and internet personalities? Yeah, one of them is a local blogger and Youtuber, Ayue Idris and she is currently holding this awesome contest exclusively for bloggers AND if you are one of us with a blog to join in, LET'S BE IN THIS TOGETHER!

Yeah! The more people joining this contest the bigger the SGshop shopping credit amounting to RM500 per winner for 10 winners is offered! If there's "rezeki" for you to win, you can use the shopping credit for your Eid Mubarak's shopping spreeeeee at SGshop website :3 Read more about the contest → HERE!

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog and Thank You SGshop and Sis Ayue Idris for the opportunity and the chance to know and experience moarrr from SGshop!

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